Sprijin Sageata Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Micro

Hamskea Archery Solutions
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Hamskea Archery Solutions
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Sprijin Sageata Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Micro

Un sprijin care promite o eliberare a sagetii fara ca aceasta sa il atinga si o acuratete de neegalat.

Prevazut cu Micro reglaje, acest sprijin este usor si asigura pozitionarea corecta a sagetii indiferent de miscarile facute de arcas.

The Trinity Hunter Pro™ Arrow Rest simply outperforms all others combined! Its pedigree can be found in the world record setting VersaRest™ and light weighing design elements of the Hybrid Series™ arrow rests. With an ultra-smooth and stable three-stainless steel bearing foundation that supports the rotating carrier rod, our Zero Tolerance Technology™ has been taken to the next level. The Trinity Hunter Pro™ also carries over the incredibly successful Zero Stop Technology™ for the up and down positions of the launcher, which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position for maximum accuracy. The patented limb buffering in-line dampening coil is also at the foundation of this industry leading ultra stable arrow launching platform. The Trinity Hunter Pro™ comes with our proven overmolded hunting launcher with an improved and more durable yet quiet proprietary overmold material. You get the best of both worlds with a quiet draw cycle and improved durability.


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